Leah works with professional teams to apply the latest innovation techniques developed at Stanford and UC Berkeley to real-world situations. Whether through custom workshops, speaking events or ongoing advising, she supports people working with emerging technologies to address big, complicated challenges. In addition, she works with individuals and corporate investors to identify high-potential startups matching individual criteria in addition to passing a tight screen of the business fundamentals and team.





Leah Edwards is a regular speaker on innovation skills and strategies, developing university or regional entrepreneurship programs, women in technology and related topics. In addition to giving keynote addresses, she works with corporations or other ogranizations to develop workshops or custom presentations to encourage innovation or to address specific tactical challenges in adopting new technologies or activities.




Leah is also an angel investor and adviser to companies innovating at the intersection of technology and social benefit, such as KetosNameCoach and Valor Water Analytics (acquired by Xylem).  She helps entrepreneurs with profitable exits, such as advising on the sale of Building Solutions to SolarCity and GreenHomeGuide to the US Green Building Association. 

Leah also helps entrepreneurs launch new ventures, and she worked with Yidio, Tile, GreenOptions and DiabetesCloseUp in their very early days.

In addition, Leah advises universities, cities, nonprofit organizations and corporations on supporting community-based startups and on establishing innovative models for growth and sustainability.




As the former Director of the Stanford Graduate School of Business’ Center for Entrepreneurial Studies, Leah has experience creating a wide variety of innovative courses, programs, cross-campus collaborations and business partnerships. 

Currently, Leah leads cross-disciplinary courses at UC Berkeley, Stanford and Northeastern University.  She also consults with faculty leaders at other universities, particulary on creating entrepreneurial ecosystems connected to the campuses.

Leah also advises education technology startups supporting diversity, inclusion and student success.